Alix Sideris

Represented by:
KB Artists
Agent: Karen Bernstein


Orphan Song (upcoming) - Tarragon Theatre, Richard Rose

Cherry Orchard (Charlotta) – Modern Times Theatre, Crows Nest, Solheil Parsa

Trophy (self) – STO Union, SummerWorks, Sarah Conn

Far Away **** (Harper) – PreShow Playlist, Theatre Passe Muraille/Toronto Centre for the Arts, Megan Watson

Alice Thru the Looking Glass (Various) – National Arts Centre, Jillian Kieley

Hamlet* (Gertrude) – St.Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, Rona Waddington

Like Wolves (Nina) – Great Canadian Theatre Company, Peter Pasyk

Metamorphoses*** (Myrrah, and various) – National Arts Centre, dir, Jillian Keiley

Pride and Prejudice*** (Mrs. Gardiner) – Theatre Calgary/NAC, dir, Dennis Garnhum

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Titania/Hippolyta) – St. Laurence Shakespeare Festival, Catriona Leger

Othello (Emilia) – St. Laurence Shakespeare Festival, Ian farthing

The Fan (Susanna/Timoteo) – Odyssey Theatre, dir. David S. Craig

Twelfth Night (Olivia) – Nathalie Stern Studio, Andy Massingham

Macbeth (Lady Macduff) – The St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, Ian Farthing

The Danish Play (Shidget) – The Gladstone, Andy Massingham

The Ark IV: Ancient Greece (As Cast) – National Arts Centre, Peter Hinton

The Taming of the Shrew (Kate) – St. Lawrence Shakespeare Fest, Jan Irwin

Measure for Measure (Mistress Overdone) – St. Lawrence Shakespeare Fest.Craig Walker

How the Other Half Loves (Fiona) – The Gladstone, John P. Kelly

The Changeling (Mother) – National Arts Centre, Peter Hinton

The Ark III: Brecht (As cast) – National Arts Centre, Peter Hinton

As You Like It (Rosalind) – St. Lawrence Shakespeare Co, Craig Walker

The Merchant of Venice (Narissa) – St. Lawrence Shakespeare Co, Ian Farthing

The Empire Builders ** (Mug) – Third Wall Theatre, Joel Beddows

A Curious Mishap (Giannina) – Odyssey Theatre, Paul Griffin

Medea (Nurse/Chorus) – Deluxe Hot Sauce/Magnetic North, Janet Irwin

Betrayal ** (Emma) – Third Wall Theatre Co., Natalie Quesnel

Bungsu and the Big Snake* (Monkey Goddess) – Odyssey Theatre, Daina Fajrajsl

recovery (Mya) – National Arts Centre, David Oyie

Scapin (Sylvana) – Odyssey Theatre, Laurie Steven

The Odyssey (Athena) – National Arts Centre, Kim Selody

The Wedding (Lagarmega) – Odyssey Theatre, Laurie Steven

Mambo Italiano (Anna) – Great Canadian Theatre Company, Lorne Pardy

The Illusion (Elicia/Lyse) – Odyssey Theatre, Diana Fajrajsl

It’s All True (Virginia Welles) – Great Canadian Theatre Company, Stewart Arnott

The Winter’s Tale (Mopsa) – National Arts Center, Marti Maraden

The Raven* (Puto/Tristino) – Odyssey Theatre, Laurie Steven

* CCC Nomination Best Actor

** Prix Rideau Award Nomination Best Actor

*** National Arts Centre English Theatre Resident Actor

**** Best of Fringe


Matchmaker Mysteries (Movie), Large Principle, Hallmark, dir. David Mackay

Northern Lights of Christmas (Movie), Large Principal, Hallmark, dir. Johnathan Wright

Assassins Creed Odyssey,  (Video Game), various voices, Ubi Soft

Sweet Potato (Short), Supporting Lead, Yam Collective, dir. Edward Hilliar

Mary Go Round (Movie), Actor, Mary Go Round inc, dir. Molly McGlynn

Played (Web Series, 6 episodes), Large Principal, Blackpills, dir. Jay Ferguson

Mommy’s Little Girl [TV Movie], Large Principal, NB Thrilling Films 2 Inc., dir. Curtis Crawford

Trust No One [TV Movie] Large Principal – ZED Films, dir. Curtis Crawford

No Easy Days [TV Series, 8 episodes] Supporting Lead, Reoccurring – Matador/ZED Films/Simon Philips, dir. Paul Tanter

Bullet in the Face [TV Series] Large Principal – IFC/Just for Laughs/MUSE, dir. Eric Canuel

I Me Wed [TV Movie] Large Principal – MUSE Productions

The Secret Life of Benjamin Bear (5 episodes) [TV Series] Additional Voice, PorchLight/Amberwood Entertainment

The Key [short] – Actor, dir. Randy Kelly

Prometheus in 5 Directions [Short, Animation] – Lead, dir. Pixie Cram

Cubed [Short] Supporting Lead, Right –  Path Prod./ dir. Lisa Virtue

Lucky Days [Movie] Supporting Lead – dir. David Elver

Faireez [Cartoon] Voices – Funbag Productions

The Translator [Radio Series] Lead – CBC Radio, dir. Alan Neal


The Seagull (Intimacy Direction), University of Waterloo

Pomegranate (Intimacy Choreography), Pomegranate Opera, Buddies in Bad Times

The Cherry Orchard (movement consultant), Modern Times, Crowsnest

The Oresteia (Movement Director), Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts

The Monkiest King, (Movement Director/Assistant Director), CCOC, Toronto Centre for the Performing Arts

Peer Gynt (Movement Director), Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts

Alchemy, (Director) Stone and Sky Music and Arts Series, Pelee Island

The Weavers, (Movement Coach), Randolph Academy

Moonscape, (Director) Stone and Sky Music and Arts Series, Pelee Island

The Hobbit (Assistant Director), Canadian Children’s Opera Company, Harbourfront

The Queens of Avalon – Music Video (Acting Director/Dramaturg), AmphisMusic

41 Neighbours (Movement Dramaturg) Pan Am Games, Esplanade & Harbourfront, Jamii/Corpus

The Magic Flute (Director) Arts Court Theatre/Touring Opera, Lyra

The Pirates of Penzance (Director) Arts Court Theatre/Touring, Opera Lyra

[boxhead] (Director) Arts Court Theatre Evolution Theatre

In the Eyes of Stone Dogs (Movement Director) Arts Court Theatre, Evolution Theatre

The Ark IV: Ancient Greece (Mask/Movement Consultant) St. Giles Church, NAC

Pagliacci Prologue (Director/writer) Southam Hall NAC, Opera Lyra

Lucia di Lammermoor (Movement Consultant) Southam Hall NAC, Opera Lyra