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Northern Lights of Christmas – Large Principal, Hallmark

Sweet Potato Supporting Lead, Yam Collective

Played – Large Principal, (Web Series, 6 episodes), Blackpills, Jay Ferguson

No Easy Days - Role: First Lady Rita Reynolds, (TV Series, Amazon Prime, 8 episodes),


Body. Voice. Presence. - A rigourous Actors Training Weekend
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The Wait - an event for generative healing

"The Wait - an event for generative healing:

is an event inspired by observing the taxing effects of hard news, empathy overload and the increasing phenomenon of activism fatigue and burnout.

Once a month ... on the 11th of each month at 11:11am and/or 11:11pm, people around the world will be syncing in energetically to perform The Wait:

10 minutes of silence. Of feeling deep into their core what freedom feels like, what love feels like, what joy, kindness, hope feel like.

And most importantly, of feeling they are connected to a larger community. That they are not alone.

Whether we are involved in social justice movements, active in social healing circles, caring, nurturing, investing in better-making initiatives, we need a forum that allows for us to replenish.

In order for us to keep doing the important work, to keep being active on our various social fronts, we need to ensure we take moments to re-fuel. To re-boot. To make space. Where we make replenishment the most important thing on our agenda.

Also, one of the biggest realizations we can have is that part of doing the work is performing acts of self care. The work includes Self-Care.

So that in all our outputting, we can collectively take a moment, in energetic community … to input …

So that burn out, which is rampant in social justice circles, or any circles that engage in care and care-taking, can be diverted.

We need to find creative ways to keep feeling into hope and freedom ... so that we can continue to be the change-agents we are meant to be.

Some radical acts of self-care and healing community may include:

  • feel into what freedom may feel like, what kindness may feel like, what togetherness feels like  

  • feel your feet growing roots right into the centre of the earth. Feel those roots connecting to all others via a heart-centred root system

  • simply create a moment of respite

  • feel interconnected

  • feel heart energy flowing by placing your hand on your heart centre. Find a smile - either on your face, in your eyes or in your heart.

  • allow new ideas to generate by creating some space for them to inhabit. There is a saying that says a bowl cannot be a bowl without the space inside it. Create a container of space so that new thoughts, new solutions can generate. Sit in the silence of that space and trust that the simple act of creating space allows for newness to fill it

  • feel into the energy flowing into you from others as source fuel to spark creativity 

  • allow for the possibility of tuning into love, freedom, hope, vision, kindness, joy