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Grass and Shoes

Grass and Shoes

this blog is a meditation. on transformation. on love. on liberation from systems of thought. on the miracles that re-pattern the mind. 

it’s personal. crazy personal. a vulnerable exposé of a meditation.

i consider this a valentine of sorts. to the whispers of one’s inner landscape. to the zeroing in on the light way down there at the end of that tunnel with piercing determination. to the trippings that have led to epiphany and to the shifts that spawn from dark nights of the soul. also, to the aha moments. the game changer moments. the moments of utter widening, releasing, deep-understanding.

a contemplation. a series of ruminations. on living a heart-centered life. of surviving and emerging from the sometime cruel dealings of fate. of how to engage in the betterment and expansion of humankind as one navigates the minefield of one’s own pain-bodies and history.   

a gathering of wonderments. of turning the gaze inward and feeling into the daily miracles that make up my human experience. also, a turning of the gaze outward and recognizing the responsibility i feel toward the embracing of kindness, care and liberation.

this undertaking, to reveal the underpinnings of my soulful pilgrimage, was inspired by the many friends, healers, light workers, osteopaths, massage therapists and fellow artists who insisted over the years that i write a book about how I approach my life experience. this blog just might serve as a springboard toward such a venture. time and desire will tell.

i don’t claim to speak for anyone but myself in this space. the views in this blog are my own and by no means represent any attempts at giving advise. that would be silly. these blog submissions are simply my musings. investigations. questions. curiosities. and a sharing/bearing of my personal discoveries.

love. hope. freedom.